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Stamped Concrete & Decorative Concrete

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Many years ago when you thought of concrete a dull, lifeless, or plain grey image is what probably came to mind. Concrete was used for buildings and in construction and that is it. Well since then things have changed, today with stamps, integral colors, and textures we can create almost any design or color. Stamps are used to create the effect of stone, wood, tile, stone, or even to create a bespoke design with colors and patterns unique to you and your home. With versatility at the front of our minds, your concrete surface can become the talk of the town.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Also known as decorative concrete, stamped concrete is concrete that is made to look or resemble a different texture or pattern. It is often done in homes to create the look of other materials such as wood, natural stone, tile, and wood. Most commonly used for areas such as driveways, patios, pool decks, and sometimes the inside of a home. Stamped concrete is done shortly after it has been poured, a stamp that is most commonly made from polyurethane is then placed on top of the wet concrete to create the desired effect.

What Are The Benefits of Decorative Concrete? 

When it comes to using concrete as a part of your home instead of in the building process you want something that is going to speak to your guests and keep in line with the style of your home. Concrete as a material is so durable and long-lasting that based on the strength alone it is a material you want to be incorporated into your home. With the colors and textures, you can now include, concrete becomes a big asset to every home.

Wide Range of Decorative Options

Whether it's a new or an existing concrete you're working on, stamping can make your concrete surface look edgier and updated. With concrete stamping, you can play around with any pattern, texture, and color you like.

Minimal Maintenance

Stamped concrete is easy to maintain. It does not require regular polishing. With stamped concrete surfaces, spills and mess can be cleaned easily without damage. In fact, you can use a basic broom to sweep off debris, and water to wash off the dirt.

Heat and Weather Resistant

Unlike more expensive materials out there, a concrete slab is resistant to both extreme temperatures and hard weather conditions. These qualities make it an ideal choice for places like South Bend, IN.

Affordable Price Range

Compared to the pricing of alternate materials, concrete is a much cheaper option to achieve the same design look. The cost of stamped concrete varies depending on the complexity of the job. But, to give you an idea, the average cost run from as low as $8 to as high as $20 per square foot.


One of the biggest reasons why concrete is one of the most popular flooring materials in homes currently is due to the pure strength and longevity of the material. Despite a slightly higher cost than some other materials initially, it will save you money in the long run. Stamped concrete provided it has been installed professionally and with good quality tools and materials will last up to 25 years.


Concrete stamping is great for any type of concrete project. We can do stamping on your concrete patio and concrete driveway. We can also apply the same method to your concrete floors. By adding a decorative touch, you get away with the typical flat and gray concrete finish.

What Is Our Stamped Concrete Process? 

Before starting any stamped concrete project, you must know the process first. As a customer, this enables you to understand, at the same time, appreciate how the output is created. We at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co follow a simple but smart stamping process.

Step 1: Choose A Concrete Pattern

We offer a wide range of stamped concrete patterns to choose from. With so many selections, it can get overwhelming. Thus, to help narrow down your choices, we have broken down the options into five basic pattern types. This includes stone, brick, wood, slate, and texture. Instead of trying to match your existing concrete, we prefer you choose a pattern that will complement your current hardscape or interior decor.

Step 2: Select A Stamped Concrete Base Color

Once done picking a pattern, it's time to chose your colors from among our color choices. In most cases, stamped concrete has two colors. The first is a base color, and the second is an accent color. To create the base color, you can either do it by an integral color or through a color hardener. Either way, it will help emphasize your chosen base color.

Step 3: Release Color

We use a high-grade cast-on color release agent to keep the stamp from sticking during the concrete stamping process. It is important to know that a release agent creates an accent color once washed and sealed. Thus, make sure your accent color accents your chosen base color. Color options vary on how light or dark your base color is.

Step 4: Concrete Stamping

Immediately after we apply the release agent, we start the stamping process. We tamp the stamping tools into the concrete surface. We create your chosen pattern or texture by pressing the tool into the concrete.

Step 5: Wash and Cut the Stamped Concrete

After pouring concrete, we wait for 12 to 24 hours before washing and cutting the concrete slab. While it does not pleasing, saw cuts are necessary. We make sure to discuss with you where you want the saw cuts placed before pouring concrete. Once cleaned, you will notice the integral or dry-shake color along with the accents created by the release color. But, the actual color will only appear once the concrete is sealed and cured.

Step 6: Seal the Stamped Concrete

A concrete sealer helps protect your stamped concrete surface from stains and harmful elements. That is why it is important to know your options. In our case, we make sure to discuss it with you so you get to choose what's best for your surface.

Why Hire A Professional Concrete Contractor?

As a homeowner, there are many things you will learn about home improvement and repair jobs, from google and youtube. Many of these you can attempt yourself. This will not only save you money but give you another skill to add to the list. Just because you technically can do something yourself, however, it does not mean you should. Certain jobs should be left to the trained professional. Concrete and specifically decorative concrete is one of them. To successfully create the desired effect you will need to ensure you have access to the best tools and construction materials as well as the knowledge. With many years of experience and a highly trained team of professionals, South Bend Concrete Contractors Co will ensure that your decorative concrete is everything you desired and more.

Why Hire South Bend Concrete Contractors Co?

There's so much you can do with stamping. You can create beautiful concrete surfaces from decks to driveways. But, you got to have the right people to do it for you. That's what we are here for. Hiring us to do the work makes you benefit from:

High-Quality Concrete Stamping Services

Stamping is a method that's not for newbies. It takes a well-experienced concrete contractor to be able to do it right. Our company provides high-quality services in the South Bend, IN area. We are proud to say that we are very in-demand in this field. It's not surprising at all though as we deliver nothing but only the best stamping outputs.

Professional Concrete Stamping Experts

We have a dedicated team of stamping experts with years of knowledge and experience in the field. We are proud to say that our team's skills are at par. With our skills, you get your money's worth.

Competitive Price Range

Generally, concrete costs way cheaper than using luxe materials like natural stone, brick, tile, and wood. Through stamped concrete, you get to have the luxury of having a replica of these expensive materials without spending much. Stamping services are very competitive. But, we are here to stay on top. Thus, we work very hard to provide only the best prices in town and nearby areas.

Free Cost Estimates

We provide high customer satisfaction. We do so by providing great service from start to finish. This includes giving free and realistic cost estimates. We know how important a budget is in any construction project. Thus, we are here to help you prepare for it. If you have a budget in mind, do let us know, too. Our expert cost estimators will come up with the best options available with what you have.

Contact Us Today

We at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co are experts in concrete stamping. In fact, our previous projects can speak for themselves. With our experience, knowledge, and skills, we are confident we do things right the first time.

For your stamped concrete needs, contact us today. You can reach us through our customer hotline. We are available to answer your inquiries anytime during business hours. You may also send us a message online. Head on to the Contact Us page and fill out the form. Rest assured of a reply from us within the next business day. To request a free quote, click the link below.

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