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South Bend Concrete Contractors

South Bend Concrete Contractors 1125 N Eddy St, South Bend, IN 46617 (574) 319-1714

Are you left with questions about the concrete industry, concrete work, or just us? You are in luck! We are here to help! Our awesome operator team is ready to connect with you with the exact professional suited to answer any questions that you may have. If you would like to put our knowledge to the test, then give us a call! Queries are not the only thing that you may want to reach out to us about though. If you want to find out more about us from someone who is not… well, us, then call in and request to see our client testimonials. Our previous clients have left us with reviews of our work and service and we would love to hear more about us from them!

Concrete Services We Offer

Our company provides an array of concrete services to choose from. For each service, we have a dedicated team to attend to your needs. For your reference, here's our complete list of concrete services:

Concrete Driveway

Driveways are usually underrated when in fact, they should make a good impression. As you know, it's one of the first few areas of your home that people see. Thus, making sure it looks and perform excellently is one of our mission. In all our concrete driveway projects, we use high-quality cement or ready-mix concrete to ensure durability and longevity.

Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are not only a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. It also adds value to your property. We build concrete patios that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. The average cost of a concrete patio is between $3 and $28 per square foot for materials. Meanwhile, labor cost depends on your location, materials, design, and property condition. If you want to lessen the cost, we can do so by using recycled materials. Rest assured the quality is still as good as using new ready mix concrete.

Stamped Concrete and Decorative Concrete

Our company has a reputation for delivering quality products. We are known for providing innovative solutions to our customers' concrete needs. One of our innovations is creating unique concrete finishings. One of them is concrete stamping, which is a process of replicating existing but more expensive materials like stone and brick. Also known as decorative concrete, this concrete finishing allows you to select from a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. The average price of a basic stamped concrete is $8 to $12 per square foot. Trickier designs may cost you more. Call us to know more.

Concrete Steps and Sidewalks

While there are many construction materials available out there, concrete floors remain a popular choice. Concrete steps and sidewalks are durable and can stand the test of time. We are proud to say that our company installs concrete steps and sidewalks following a very strict process that includes concrete leveling, floor coating/epoxy coating, strict curing time, and quality assurance. Also, for great results, we do not do unsealed concrete. We make sure to seal the concrete floor to protect it from harmful chemicals, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions. Also, our company offers a wide variety of types of flooring finishes using concrete.

Concrete Retaining Walls

We work on different concrete installation projects including installing concrete retaining walls. Our cement workers have years of experience making strong and long-lasting retaining wall panels. Like the rest of our concrete services, we only use high-quality cement and concrete mixes sourced from a reliable cement manufacturing company. Thus, ensuring great quality walls that will last for decades. Over time, concrete repair may be needed. Once you see any concrete damage on your concrete surface, call us. We do basic repair and concrete crack repairs. Charge for repairs are as affordable as you can get.

Concrete Foundation

Having been in the construction industry for years, we have mastered working with concrete. We have already done several construction projects making us your ideal construction team. One of the concrete projects we are known for is concrete foundation repair and installation. To build a strong foundation that lasts for decades, we do reinforced concrete using high-grade steel bars. We source high-quality cement and concrete from trusted cement contractors in the construction industry.

Why Hire Cement Companies Near Me

There are many concrete companies in Indiana. While most homeowners hire local concrete cement companies, others would usually think twice. But, why choose to hire a concrete company near you? Working with a concrete company near your location comes with lots of benefits. First, it's more affordable. Concrete companies charge based on certain factors including location. If you hire someone to do your new concrete project that's far from where you are, that would mean additional charges. Second, labor costs are cheap when you hire a local concrete company. Rest assured you get a professional contractor working on your project at a lower price.

Why Hire South Bend Concrete Contractors Co.

The concrete industry in Indiana is growing and is very competitive. You will find concrete companies here and there. But why look elsewhere when you've already found us? There are plenty of reasons why you should hire us for your next concrete project. Let us focus only on the major ones, which include:

Licensed Concrete Contractor

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is licensed to operate in South Bend and the rest of Indiana. We are a company that provides high-quality concrete services. Rest assured our company follows building codes and industry standards so you can be confident working with us.

One of the Premier Concrete Companies in South Bend, IN

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is a professional contractor that services the South Bend, IN area. We are one of the leading concrete companies in South Bend. We work on both new and old concrete jobs including concrete driveways, concrete floors, stamped concrete, and other projects. Over the years, we have worked with many homeowners in the area, as well as in other popular cities in the state.

High-Grade Concrete Materials

Of all the different type of materials available, concrete is not only the most common material but the most beneficial as well. It is cost-efficient, long-lasting, and very easy to maintain. As a leading concrete contractor, we use only the best concrete products and other construction materials available. Using only the best concrete building material ensures we provide excellent results along with hard work.

A Team of Professional Concrete Experts 

Our company is consists of professional concrete experts. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and years of experience in the concrete industry. Thus, the ability to provide excellent end results. As part of our commitment to continually grow individually and as a company, we continue to hone our knowledge and skills. We also make sure to engage ourselves and learn the latest trends and technologies in the concrete industry.

Thorough Construction Processes

To achieve great results, we have processes in place. These processes enable us to provide the same quality result each time. While the finished product may look unique and different, rest assured that the quality is the same.

Competitive Prices

The price range varies depending on the concrete work, materials, and the severity of the project. Like the majority of concrete companies, we charge on a per square foot basis. You will find, though, that our pricing is some of the most cost-effective in the industry and definitely worth your consideration! For more, get in touch!

Free Project Cost Information

Did you know, all requests for quotation are obligation-free here at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co? That means that we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the estimated cost of your concrete project, with no expectation for you to use us as your concrete supplier! We have a dedicated team of experts that work on the cost estimates. Providing free quotes is just one of our ways to provide excellent customer service.

High Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in the kind of service we provide. Rooted in our goal to provide excellent customer service, our team always gives our best in everything we do. Also, as part of providing an excellent customer experience, rest assured you can rely on us anytime you need help or have questions about the project. For any concern, rest assured we do our best to provide solutions as soon as possible.

How To Contact Us

If you would like to get us to work right away, call in and book a consultation with one of our contractors, who will be able to generate a plan for the work required and set things in motion. No matter what your zip code is, we are here to provide services for your concrete needs.

There are two ways you can get in touch with us. First, call us via our customer hotline. We have a dedicated and reliable team available to answer your calls and inquiries daily during business hours. Second, you may send us a message using the contact form below. Rest assured of a reply from our team within the next business day.

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