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Concrete Demolition & Removal

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You need to get rid of that concrete, but you are unsure how. Concrete demolition and concrete removal can be very daunting. It is too much of a task for you to do on your own.

Getting rid of concrete is not only a tremendous pain; it is also hazardous. If you try doing it yourself, you could easily injure yourself or damage your property. Please leave the hard work to the experts at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co. We have the expertise and equipment we need to safely and efficiently demolish and remove any amount of concrete. Contact us today for consultation or continue reading on to know more about us and our services.


Reasons To Do A Concrete Demolition or Concrete Removal

There are certain conditions wherein we can fix concrete damage easily. But, there are also instances when the damage or the need is vast that the only solution available is to demolish the entire structure or remove the damaged concrete slab.


Some of these conditions requiring you to demolish or remove concrete are:

  • Large and deep cracks
  • Widespread cracks
  • Sunken concrete slab
  • Severe flaking
  • Visible signs of frost heave
  • Foundational concerns because of natural occurrences like soil settling, earthquakes, etc.
  • Safety hazards
  • Old concrete slab or structure


Our Services

Demolition of concrete structures can be a dangerous and challenging process. Without experience, it is easy to make a mistake and cause severe damage. Not only that, the debris from demolition can be extremely hazardous, too.

Do yourself a favor and leave the job to the experts. South Bend Concrete Contractors Co offers high-quality concrete demolition and removal services. We have years of experience in the concrete industry. As a premier concrete contractor, we use the latest tools and techniques to break up concrete quickly and efficiently.


Concrete Demolition Services

Whether it involves a concrete patio, concrete driveway, or an entire building, we can handle the demolition job for you. Our team has years of knowledge and precise skills demolishing concrete, so you can be confident we know what we are doing. Also, we use powerful tools and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient outcome. Apart from our expertise, you can rest easy knowing we implement safety precautions and follow industry rules and regulations for concrete demolition. In addition, we guarantee our people are insured, so you do not have to worry in case of unfortunate circumstances.


Concrete Removal Services

Concrete removal can seem like an impossible task, but it does not have to be. Call us if you do not have the time or experience to remove concrete yourself. Our company offers high-quality concrete removal services that will take care of everything for you.


South Bend Concrete Contractors Co concrete removal services are available for minor demolition jobs. We do concrete removal when the damage is limited to a specific area only. Unlike large demolition projects, we only use power tools and some hand tools when dismantling a damaged concrete surface. This ensures we do not cause further damage to the surrounding structures. Our concrete removal prices are very competitive. We are proud to have the friendliest prices in town.


Concrete Disposal Services

Dealing with concrete debris is as daunting as demolishing and removing concrete. Spare yourself from the hassles of getting rid of broken concrete pieces. Please leave it to us. South Bend Concrete Contractors Co offers an efficient concrete disposal service. We will pick up your demolished concrete debris and take it to a concrete recycling facility. Like the rest of our services, we offer affordable concrete disposal costs.


Common Demolition Methods We Use

We at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co use various concrete demolition methods. Each demolition job is different. We consider several factors to identify the right approach. Using the suitable demolition method ensures we tear down concrete in the safest and easiest way possible. Depending on the project, we use any of the following methods:


Manual Demolition

We use a manual demolition approach in smaller concrete structures. In particular, we manually demolish concrete surfaces like floors, pathways, and driveways. Since we demolish manually, it can be time-consuming depending on the scale of the project and how thick the concrete we are working on.


Ball and Crane Method

We use the ball and crane approach to tear down houses and concrete buildings. The process involves swinging or dropping the ball into the surface. Thus, creating lots of noise, dust, and vibration. The process is tricky. We cannot let any mistakes happen during the demolition. Rest assured, we only let an experienced operator administer the job.


Dismantling Technique

By using a saw, we cut concrete slabs into smaller pieces. Once they are cut, we use a crane to lift them. This dismantling technique is best if you want the most negligible impact on your surroundings since it is less noisy and produces less dust than other methods. We usually use this method when taking down concrete walls.


Chemical and Mechanical Bursting

Both chemical bursting and mechanical bursting cause concrete surfaces to split. The first uses expansive slurry in boreholes, whereas the second uses a splitting machine driven by hydraulic pressure. It is ideal for tearing down concrete structures, since both processes are controllable. Both methods are effective, but a significant difference lies in the price. Mechanical bursting is much cheaper than chemical bursting.


Safety Precautions


The safety of our people is our primary concern. That is why everyone in our team is insured in case of any unfortunate events while onsite. We have a safety office onboard in every project we do to ensure everyone follows the safety protocols. We also make sure they use proper safety gears when demolishing or removing concrete to protect themselves from noise, dust, falling debris, etc.


To ensure the safety of our people, we ensure they are equipped with the proper safety gear, which includes:

  • Safety goggles or safety glasses
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Hearing protection
  • Construction gloves
  • Safety belts/harness
  • Safety helmets
  • Protective clothing


Concrete Breaking Tools

At South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we use various tools to break up concrete surfaces. Using the right tool is crucial when demolishing concrete to ensure excellent results. Some of the power tools we use to demolish concrete are:


Pneumatic and Hydraulic Breakers

Pneumatic breakers are ideal for breaking concrete slabs in confined spaces. It comes in various speeds and sizes and has a high weight-to-power ratio. Meanwhile, a hydraulic breaker is a piece of heavy mechanical equipment we use to demolish large concrete surfaces. This tool requires a lot of physical effort and produces too much noise. Concrete contractors typically use it in road construction.


Machine Mounted Breakers

Machine-mounted breakers are percussion hammers mounted on excavators. It is a powerful machine that we use to demolish concrete structures. This tool works because of the auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator.


Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a power tool that is handheld. We use it for abrasive cutting and grinding of metal. While we use it for leveling and smoothening concrete surfaces, we also use it to remove paints and adhesives before removing concrete.


Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire saws are designed to cut reinforced concrete. They can cut almost any thickness of concrete. Diamond wire saws create the least amount of noise, dust, and vibration. Therefore, they are the most suitable for demolitions within occupied structures.


Chipping Hammer

A chipping hammer is used to break overhead and vertical concrete surfaces. They are lightweight and hand-held, making them ideal for minor concrete removal projects.


Hand Tools

When breaking up concrete slabs, we may also have to use hand tools like a pry bar and bolt cutters. We use pry bars to separate two objects. As with bolt cutters, we use them to cut chains, wire rope, bolts, and padlocks. Another popular hand tool is the sledgehammer. A sledgehammer is one of the go-to concrete breaking tools for DIY concrete removal projects. Hand tools are excellent for dismantling reinforced concrete slabs. It makes separating concrete and reinforcements like wire mesh or rebar easier.


Why Hire Us

Finding an excellent concrete contractor for your demolition and removal project can be tricky. There are many options, and it is hard to know who to trust.

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is what you are looking for. We are a high-quality concrete company with years of experience in demolishing and removing concrete surfaces. We are licensed and insured. You can rest assured that your project will be in excellent hands with us.


But apart from that, what separates us the most from other concrete companies in the following benefits:


Reliable Concrete Company

Planning demolition projects can be a daunting task. But you do not have to hassle yourself with it. You can rely on us. Our team does everything from start to finish - from planning to securing permits to actual demolition. More so, we take care of properly disposing of your concrete debris—all at very reasonable costs.


Highly Competent Concrete Experts

We are proud to say that we have concrete removal and demolition experts on board. With years of experience and impeccable skills, you can be confident we will do the job excellently. Our demolition team continues to train regularly to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest concrete removal and demolition tools and techniques.


Competitive Concrete Demolition and Concrete Removal Costs

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is a premier concrete company in South Bend, IN. We also have a reputation for providing the most competitive prices in the region. We understand that cost is a significant deciding factor in any concrete project as a company. That is why we work hard to ensure we provide quality concrete services that do not break the bank. If you have budget restrictions, let us know. We are very open to working with a budget in mind.


Free Estimates

Our company provides free estimates to provide you with an ultimate customer experience. Also, so you can compare prices. Get in touch with us and request a quote today. We need specific project details so our cost estimators can work and come up with a realistic quote. We are confident we have the best deals in town. Thus, requesting a quote from us does not require any commitments.


Contact Us Today

Demolishing and removing a concrete structure can be very challenging. It is also messy, risky, and time-consuming.

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co offers professional concrete demolition and concrete removal services. Our team has what it takes to get the job done quickly and safely. In addition, we also offer concrete disposal services so you can easily get rid of concrete debris with no hassle. Contact us today and take advantage of our free consultation or free cost estimate! You may get in touch with our team via phone call or through the contact form on our website.

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