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Concrete Patio

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When you think of concrete, the dull, grey simple design may be the first thing that comes to mind. Since your patio is where friends and family gather, where you entertain and make memories, you may want something with a unique design that still reflects the style of your home. Without compromising the strength and quality, your patio can still be as unique and personal as concrete. With the many textures, stamps, and colors that can be added, the options are endless. Whether you want the natural stone, rustic wood, or a bespoke design with your favorite colors, South Bend Concrete Contractors Co has it. Contact us to find out more.

Benefits of Building Concrete Patios 

Using concrete for your dream patio is one of the best decisions you'd ever make. Concrete is very beneficial. Some of its major advantages include:

Durability and Flexibility

Patios serve as a gathering area for families and friends to come together and make memories. It allows for homeowners to blend the interior of their home with the exterior seamlessly if done right. Concrete is seen as the perfect material for outdoor flooring. Combined with strength and longevity comes a design versatility that no other material has to offer. With enhanced stains, stamps, and integral colors, your concrete can achieve any look you desire.


Concrete typically costs less than some of the alternative material options, making it a more economical option. The maintenance of concrete as a material is minimal and requires very little extra effort on an ongoing basis, offering ease with beauty. With that said, you get to save a lot on maintenance costs as well.


When it comes to outdoor flooring, safety is something that needs to be front of mind. With being exposed to external weather conditions, the floor can become slippery, cracked, or uneven. Any one of those things can pose as a serious safety concern for slipping or tripping. Once the concrete is set, a layer of non-slip sealant is added, to ensure the surface does not become slippery in the event of rain. Because of the strength and durability of concrete it does not crack or break easily and with proper care will give you peace of mind.

Easy Maintenance 

When it comes to owning a home, the list of constant maintenance is something you have to worry about. Not only the money it takes to perform the repairs but the time and effort it takes from your day. The good news is with concrete this time you need to spend is limited and will be easier on your wallet too. Minor detergent should be used to remove a stain before a permanent stain can occur. re-sealant should be added to keep the integrity of the color as well as ensure slip resistance. When small cracks are noticed a quick repair is all that is needed to get it looking as good as new.

Different Types of Concrete Patios

We at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co are known for providing high-end concrete patios. We provide concrete patio services in South Bend, IN, and nearby areas. As a concrete contractor, we understand that each of our customers has their respective vision. That is why we offer a variety of design options for concrete patios. We have a selection that suits every need and preference.

Poured Concrete

A concrete slab is an undefeated concrete finish. It's flat and smooth, making it ideal for all types of outdoor furniture and backyard activities. Concrete slabs are easy to maintain. You can keep it clean by using a basic broom to sweep dirt or a pressure washer to get rid of dust. Unlike a concrete paver patio, poured concrete are resistant to weeds and do not shift their form regardless of climate changes. You may consider grooming your concrete patio slab, too for a slip-resistant finish.

Stamped Concrete 

Also known as decorative concrete, stamped concrete is concrete that has been stamped to mimic the texture and look of materials such as brick, slate, stone, tile, wood, or specific patterns and textures best suited to your home. Because of the strength and durability of concrete as a material, it is a great option for your home that requires very little maintenance. You can get the best of alternative materials without all the maintenance and costs that come with it.

Concrete Pavers

Unlike brick pavers, concrete pavers are more affordable and durable. It comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Since there's a space between pavers, it's very susceptible to growing weeds. But, they can be butted together to achieve a smooth and unbroken surface.

Concrete Patio Installation Process

A concrete patio is a great addition to an outdoor space. It allows you to relax by yourself or entertain guests. It's a great idea of how you can maximize outdoor living spaces. More so, a concrete patio adds value to your property. If you think of selling it in the future, installing a patio can make a lot of difference. But of course, you need an expert like us to do it.

To achieve an industry-standard concrete patio, we make sure to strictly follow these steps:

1. Project Site Assessment

There are different soil conditions. Some are great with concrete, others are not. Assessing the condition of the soil is very important to avoid construction problems and future damages.

2. Preparation and Delivery of Construction Materials

After assessing the site, we usually make a rough layout. Then, we proceed with a formal layout with proper measurements. The latter is what we use during the site preparation process. Making measurements prior to the actual installation is key to achieve accurate results. Meanwhile, we make sure all deliveries are made before we start the work. This enables us to begin and end the project on time.

3. Pouring of Concrete Mixture

We are very meticulous. To avoid errors or mistakes, we carefully pour concrete. Doing so also enables us to achieve a smooth surface. We make sure to level surface to ensure a high-quality end result.

4. Sealing and Curing of Concrete

We apply a concrete sealer to protect the patio surface from stains and other harmful elements. Sealing concrete helps protect and extend the life of a concrete surface. Meanwhile, a concrete cure refers to the process of drying up your wet concrete. A concrete surface usually dries up in two days. But, it takes 28 days to achieve its full strength.

5. Quality Assurance Check

Quality is a must. We check for any cracks and damages. At the same time, make sure we built a stable foundation that will hold the entire structure for a long time.

Why Hire South Bend Concrete Contractors Co

Competition is high. That's for sure. But, we are not threatened at all. We are confident to deliver high-quality, beautiful concrete patios you will love. Here are more reasons why you should hire us for your concrete patio installation projects:

Licensed Concrete Patio Contractors

We are a family-owned, licensed concrete service provider. We have been in the business for years. That alone should give you confidence in working with us. Rest assured we will never do anything to tarnish our good reputation.

Industry-Standard Concrete Patio

We make beautiful patios for your outdoor space. More so, we follow the standards set by the industry in building a durable and long-lasting patio surface. Rest assured our work is sturdy enough to stand both extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Competitive Concrete Patio Cost

Concrete patio installation cost depends on the size, shape, finish, and location. For example, the national average for a poured concrete patio ranges between $4 and $16 per square foot. Our company strives to provide the lowest cost possible in the South Bend, IN area. In fact, we work hard to remain very competitive price-wise.

Wide Range of Design Options

Our company offers a wide selection of concrete patio designs. We know how every customer is different from one another. Thus, we make sure we have everything for every customer's need and preference. For a more traditional design, you can go for a concrete slab patio or a paver patio. But, if you want something unique, our decorative concrete patio is the best option for you. You can choose either a simple decorative finish or an elaborate design. For a more personalized patio design, our team can do custom design for you.

Free Patio Installation Cost Estimates

Whether you want a rectangular or square-shaped concrete patio, we got you. All you need to do is call us or send us a message online. We provide free, no-commitment quotes for any concrete installation projects -- including patios. Our expert cost estimators provide realistic costs to help you prepare for this project.

Contact Us Today

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co makes great concrete patios. We have years of experience in the concrete industry. More so, in building patios. With our people's knowledge and skills, you can be confident we do things right the first time.

For your future patio needs, contact us! There are two ways you can reach us. You may call us via our customer hotline or send us a message via the Contact Us page. Our ever-reliable and friendly staff are more than happy to provide answers to your questions. We are available anytime during business hours.

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