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Concrete Cutting

two workers scraping the cement

Do you need a professional concrete cutting service provider? There is no need to go elsewhere because you have found the best in the region.

We are South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, a professional concrete cutting company in South Bend, IN. Our company has been in the concrete cutting industry for years. Our company provides high-quality concrete cutting services at very affordable prices. We are fully licensed and insured. Thus, you can be confident we will handle your project safely and professionally.


Our Concrete Cutting Services

Many factors lead to concrete cutting. Some are because of old age or safety hazards. Another would be for demolition purposes. You can rely on our team no matter your concrete cutting needs. We provide an array of cutting services, including:


Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is a practical concrete cutting method ideal for cutting reinforced concrete walls and floors. We use specialized, powerful equipment to perform up to as deep as 750mm isolation cuts. This process enables us to separate two integrated structures. The concrete wall sawing equipment is efficient. We can set it up on any job site, ensuring precise and even cuts without vibration and dust.


Slab Sawing

Concrete sawing is one of the most popular concrete cutting techniques. We use a flat saw to cut horizontal flat surfaces like floors, decks, and pavements. Unlike other saws, flat saws produce less noise and dust. It makes precise cuts, ideal for breaking concrete and removing pavement sections and damaged concrete slabs.


Core Drilling

We use core drills to make holes in different concrete surfaces. It comes in various powers, sizes, and features. A core drill uses a twisting motion to make the hole in the surface. Apart from concrete, it can also be used for rocks and wood surfaces.


Why Hire Us

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co provides excellent quality concrete services to both residential and business customers. By hiring us for your concrete cutting needs, you will get to enjoy these benefits:


Licensed Concrete Cutting Company

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is a licensed concrete company. As one, you can rest easy knowing we have the expertise for the job and adhere to industry standards when it comes to cutting down concrete surfaces.


Concrete Cutting Experts

We are a team of concrete professionals with years of experience in the construction industry. We are experts in cutting down concrete surfaces. With us, you can be confident we will do the job excellently.


Free Estimate

Our company provides free quotation services. This service is available to all customers. All you need to do is send a request and provide the necessary information. Our team of cost estimators will then work on providing you with realistic quotes to help you arrive at an informed decision.


Contact Us Today

We at South Bend Concrete Contractors Co offer high-quality concrete services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team is passionate in providing our clients with the best possible concrete cutting service. We work diligently to ensure that we meet your needs.

Contact us today and take advantage of our free consultation service! Our phone lines are available every day during business hours. You may also reach us by sending a message online via the form on our Contact Us page.

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