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Painted Concrete

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Are you looking for a beautiful and affordable way to update your home or business property? Painted concrete is the perfect solution! It is affordable and durable, and we can customize it to match any style.

Imagine walking into your home or business every day and being greeted by a beautiful new concrete floor. With South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we can make that dream a reality. Our company offers high-quality concrete paint services at an unbeatable price.


Contact us today for a free consultation! We would be happy to discuss your options and help you choose the perfect paint color for your property. Or, you may continue reading on to know more about us and our services.


About Concrete Paint

Can you paint concrete? Sure, you can.


Concrete offers endless possibilities. You can do a lot with it. You can add texture, pattern, or a color of your choice. There are many applications available when it comes to coloring concrete floors, walls, and other surfaces. One of the most popular methods is concrete painting.

As the name suggests, it uses paints to add color to concrete surfaces. Paints apply to any concrete surface. You can use it in various concrete spaces such as:

  • Concrete Basement Floor
  • Concrete Garage Floor
  • Concrete Sidewalk
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Concrete Patio
  • Concrete Porch


Concrete Stain versus Concrete Paint

Staining and painting concrete may sound similar, but they are two different things. Both add color to concrete surfaces, but they do so differently. The significant difference is apparent in how they react to the concrete surface. Concrete stains contain acids. It penetrates the concrete surface and reacts with the minerals to produce rich, translucent colors. Concrete stains are long-lasting and would not peel or chip. However, it can be unpredictable depending on the composition of the concrete.

Meanwhile, paint is non-reactive. It fills the concrete surface pores to achieve an opaque, consistent color. However, it can peel and chip in the long run without proper preparation.


Concrete Paint Colors

Concrete paint comes in a wide variety of colors. Most manufacturers today offer between 30 and 40 standard color options. Some of them offer color customization services as well. The latter is a popular route, especially for homeowners who want unique colors for their homes.


South Bend Concrete Contractors Co works with reliable concrete paint suppliers and manufacturers. Thus, no matter what your color choices are, we can deliver. With various colors available, we sure have one that suits your taste.


Benefits of Painted Concrete

You can color concrete in different ways. But, nothing beats what concrete paint can do. It has so much to offer. Concrete paints offer several benefits, including:


Easy Application

You can easily paint concrete floors, walls, and other concrete surfaces using a typical paintbrush or roller. Since the formulation of most concrete paints is water-based, it is easy to clean up as well.


Safe to Apply

Unlike concrete stains, concrete paints do not cause eye or skin irritation. Since most concrete paints are water-based, they do not produce strong or foul odors. Paints are safer to apply, especially indoors.



The paint job is affordable because of its simple application process. Also, the paint can be cheap because of the varying options available in the market. Paints provide excellent coverage, so you do not need a lot to color a concrete space. Depending on the brand, concrete paint can last for years, which can save you money as well.


Broad Selection of Colors

As mentioned, most manufacturers offer up to 40 standards colors. On top of that, they also offer custom color services. Thus, finding the perfect hue for your concrete space will never be a problem.


Excellent Coverage

You can achieve a solid and consistent color for your concrete space with only a few coats. Painting your concrete space will help make it attractive and look new again.


Easy Maintenance

Concrete painting is very easy to maintain. You do not need to spend a lot to keep it looking great. You can get rid of any stains or dirt in only a matter of minutes.


Our Painted Concrete Services

With our help, you can easily transform any existing concrete surface. As concrete patios, floors, and other surfaces age, they wear off. Stains and constant exposure to dirt and other elements make their appearance unpleasing to the eyes.


Concrete Painting

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co offers extensive concrete paint services. We take care of everything for you. Our services include planning, repairing, and painting. Our reliable team will iron out all details, ensuring we have the necessary permits to do the job. We handle sourcing and purchasing paints and other materials, so you do not have to worry about anything. We work efficiently and as quickly as possible so you can get back to your daily routine right away.

Our company delivers top-of-the-line concrete services. We first address any existing concrete problems before the actual painting process to achieve excellent and long-lasting results. As part of our concrete painting service, our professional concrete technicians handle the repair of minor cracks and holes. We must fix minor issues as they may pose problems in the future.


We are proud of our company because we only let the experts do specific jobs. Painting concrete looks easy. But there are specific painting applications that require expertise. Otherwise, you might end up spending more than you should. At South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we only let the experts do the job, so you can rest easy knowing your project is in the right hands.


Our company does concrete painting on various concrete surfaces, including:

  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Porch
  • Concrete Driveways


Concrete Paint Designs

Level up your painted concrete by adding unique designs or patterns. One way to turn a dull-looking solid painted concrete into something interesting is by adding a border. Another way is to apply stencil over the topcoat. With concrete and paint, you can do a lot of different things. The almost limitless color options can help bring a lot of design ideas to life.


How To Paint Concrete Floors

At South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we follow a strict concrete painting process. As a company, we believe that having a process in place ensures we provide the same quality results to every client we work with.


It is essential to know that the painting process varies depending on the project. Although there are similarities, painting a concrete wall requires a different approach than painting a concrete floor. Painting new concrete surfaces also differs from painting old and existing concrete.


Below is our step-by-step concrete floor painting process to give you an idea.


Step 1: Choose a Paint Color

Before anything else, decide on the color you want for your concrete floor. There are many paint colors out there to choose from. If you cannot find one that suits your space, we can always have the color customized to your liking.

Apart from color, it is also essential to decide on the brand of the paint we are using. There are many concrete paint brands out there. They vary in prices and performance. On the one hand, some brands are cheap, but the paint does not last long. On the other hand, paint brands are a little expensive but guarantee excellent and long-lasting results.

At South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we always provide you with options. But, you can rest assured knowing we have already shortlisted the best ones based on your budget and preferences.


Step 2: Prepare the Painting Area

Cleaning up and getting rid of any obstacles make our painting job more manageable. It allows us to work seamlessly and finish the job on time.

Once on the site, we clean the floor and peel off dirt, adhesive tapes, and other similar objects. We also check for dirt, water, and grease. If there are small cracks and holes, we fill them with concrete crack sealer. As with structural damage, we fix it using quick-setting cement. If the floor has already been painted before, we will remove the old paint. We may also use a concrete sanding machine to smoothen the surface if it is too rough.

Depending on how dusty or stained the floor is, we may sweep or vacuum it or use a pressure washer and mild detergent. We may also opt to vacuum the dirt. Regardless of the cleaning process, we make sure the area is clean and dry before painting concrete.


Step 3: Tape Off Walls and Baseboards

Using painter's tape, we tape off walls and baseboard around the painting area. Taping walls and baseboards are necessary to ensure we do a clean paint job. It also serves as a guide so we do not go over the line and avoid messy edges.


Step 4: Apply a Coat of Primer

We may need to apply a primer depending on the paint we are using. We apply primer to a raw or freshly sanded surface as the first coat. It serves as a foundation and ensures maximum adhesion. We also use primer coats to treat concrete and seal porous surfaces before painting them.


Step 5: Coat Dry

Once we finish applying the primer coat, we let it dry for at least four hours. We make sure the surface is completely dry before proceeding with the first coat. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of applying primer coats. You might not achieve its maximum result.


Step 6: Apply First Coat

Once the primer coat is dry, we then apply the first coat of concrete paint. But before that, there are a few things we need to do. First, we make sure the area has proper ventilation. Some paints may have a strong odor, which can be irritating or uncomfortable if you are exposed to them for a long time. Proper ventilation will help minimize the smell and its effects. Second, we ensure to stir concrete paint. Third, we paint the edges of the floor using an angled brush. We do this to avoid getting other parts of the area messy.

As soon as we finish painting the edges with a brush, we prepare the roller tray. We fill it with paint. We ensure not to overfill the tray as it may spill over. Using a roller to paint concrete floors makes the process easier and quicker. We carefully roll it over the floor and make sure not to miss a spot.


Step 7: Coat Dry

Again, we let the concrete paint dry for at least four hours before proceeding to the next step. When painting concrete surfaces, make sure that the weather is right. Do it when the temperature is warmer. Otherwise, the drying process will take so much time.


Step 8: Apply Final Coat and Dry Concrete Floor

Depending on the project, a second coat may be necessary. The process is the same as the first coat. Otherwise, we proceed with the final coating. There is nothing extra with it. We do the same way. We use a roller and roll the paint on the floor. The thickness of coats can make a massive difference in terms of durability and longevity of the concrete on the surface.

We let it dry for one to two days once the application is over. We recommend not using the floor until it fully dries. Otherwise, we may have to do some retouching. If you wish to add a design or pattern on the floor, we do it after the final coat. Meanwhile, if you want to add stuff like outdoor rugs (if the project is outdoors), furniture, etc., it is best to add them once the paint is fully dry.


Step 9: Clean-Up and Touch-Ups

Our team does not leave the project site just like that. We ensure your painted concrete floors are ready for showing off. Thus, we clean up the area. First, we peel off all painters' tape on wall edges and baseboards. Second, we check for any missed spots. Last, we sweep the dust off.

Sometimes we may need to do some touch-ups. Our team checks every corner to look for peel-offs and stains. If we find any, we immediately retouch the paint. That is how meticulous we are in ensuring we give you the result you deserve.


Why Hire Us

At South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we are a leading concrete company in the area. Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation for providing quality concrete services.

When it comes to painting concrete, South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is a go-to company. Many home and business owners hire us for such a service. More so, because of the following privileges we offer:


Licensed Concrete Company

South Bend Concrete Contractors Co is a fully licensed concrete business. We also have certifications as proof of our concrete expertise. As a licensed company, we follow construction rules and regulations. Thus, you can be confident we will never give you a substandard kind of service.


Professional Concrete Painting Services

At South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line concrete painting services. We cater to all concrete painting projects, whether residential or commercial. We put a lot of hard work into every project we do. That is how serious we are about providing excellent painting services. No wonder why we are one of the most sought-after concrete painting service providers in South Bend, IN.


Seasoned Concrete Painters

The common misconception about concrete painting is that it is easy to do. People do not realize that there is so much to painting concrete. You need to consider a lot of things before you even start painting concrete surfaces. With our team, you do not have to worry about anything. We handle everything for you. We have a team of professional concrete painters with years of experience. Our team is up-to-date with the latest tools and trends in painted concrete.


Top-of-the-Line Concrete Paints

When it comes to the paints we use, we can guarantee they are the best in the market. Our company has a dedicated team sourcing effective and long-lasting concrete paints. We partner with trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. Of course, we also make sure that the price is right. We compare products and test them to determine what is suitable for your project. Rest assured, we make only recommend and suggest paints we are confident about.


Affordable Painted Concrete Services

We understand budget is one factor affecting your decision-making. With South Bend Concrete Contractors Co, you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. We offer the most competitive prices in the region. Our prices vary depending on the scale of the project, your paint choices, painting materials, and location. One thing's for sure; we do an amazing painting job.


Free Consultation and Cost Estimate

For an optimum customer experience, take advantage of our free consultation and quotation services. Our company encourages you to compare your options. Never settle for one unless you are sure it is worth your money and time. Our concrete professionals are available every day to answer your inquiries about our company and our services. As with our cost estimators, rest assured our team will provide you with realistic costs so you know what to expect and you can prepare for it.


Contact Us Today

Painted concrete is an excellent option to add colors to your concrete space. It is also great for adding patterns and unique designs through the stencil method. South Bend Concrete Contractors can help achieve whatever you envision for your concrete surfaces. With lots of paint color options, we are confident you will find the one that will complement the rest of your property.

Make your concrete space pop with a color of your choice. Let us do the painting job! We use high-quality paints that will last for years without fading or chipping. Plus, our concrete painters are experts in the field. Contact us today!

You can reach us by calling our customer hotline number. You may also send inquiries via the form on the Contact Us page. Our customer representatives are available every day during business hours. We will be more than happy to serve you.

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