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Concrete Foundation

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Concrete has been used in the construction industry dating back hundreds of years. It is known for the pure strength and longevity that it provides to structures. Professionals in the industry have spent years perfecting their trade and even coming up with new technology to improve the material and stretch the already long list of benefits even further. South Bend Concrete Contractors Co has a team of qualified concrete experts. With the training received continuously to ensure we stay on top of our game, we can offer you anything concrete at only the best quality.

Types of Foundations 

When you are in the process of a new build, there are many things to consider. The main structure and systems and the materials to use for this are the first. A more traditional method to support your structure is the T-shaped foundation. A footing is placed, below the frost line and walls are then built on top of this. The footing is wider than the wall allowing extra support at the base of the foundation. Slab-on-grade foundations are a layer of concrete that can be several layers thick. It is thicker around the edges and reinforced with rods the strengthen it.

Concrete Foundations for Your Home 

The foundation that your home is built on can have a major impact on the structure. A slab of concrete for the foundation of your home is 6 inches thick and placed on a layer of sand for drainage. Concrete is a great option for the foundation of your home as it takes less time to dry. This means the construction can move on faster and in turn have less downtime without unnecessary delay. Because of the lack of crawl space from a home that is built on a concrete foundation, there is less room for flooding and the infestation of pests. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose concrete for your foundation is due to the cost-saving aspect. Many homeowners can save as much as 10 thousand dollars off the cost of the property since there is no crawlspace to budget for.

Common Causes and Signs of Foundation Problems

Your home's foundation holds the whole structure. That is why it is important to install it properly, maintain it, and repair any existing foundation problems. Foundation failure could jeopardize your safety and the safety of the whole property. Once you see a foundation issue, it's best to call foundation experts right away. The sooner you address these problems, the better. You get to save your property and avoid possible expensive repairs in the future.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement refers to when the soil beneath a home or any structure shifts. It is a serious matter that needs to be taken up immediately. Otherwise, it can cause costly damage to the foundation and the whole structure itself. A settling foundation usually happens when a building or a home is built on a layer of soil that's not capable of supporting the weight of the structure. It is important to know that a single vertical crack could mean your foundation is settling or sinking.

Expansive Clay Soil

Expansive soils are very problematic. Only experts like us know how to deal with it. With a high content of absorptive clay, expansive soil can put the squeeze on a foundation wall. Expansive soil could result in cracking of foundation walls and eventually basement walls, too.

Foundation Cracks

Cracked walls are a very common indication of a foundation problem. If you do not have the knowledge and skills, it would be hard to identify when you need to call help. That is why it's best to always have foundation experts check your foundation wall and the entire structure on a regular basis.

Sticking Doors

Sticking or hard to open and close doors is a frequent indication that there's a foundation problem. When you start noticing such a problem, make sure to call a foundation expert to assess and provide a custom solution to it.

Our Concrete Foundation Services

We build, repair, and maintain both commercial and residential foundations. We are in the serious business of providing permanent solutions to your foundation needs.

Foundation Installation

A properly installed foundation will give you peace of mind. You can rest knowing you have a solid foundation that will last for years. That's exactly where we are at. We work hard to provide high-quality work so our clients are safe and at peace.

Foundation Installation Process

To ensure great results, we strictly follow the following installation process:

  1. Preparation - We make proper measurements as stated on the foundation plan. At the same time, ensure all construction materials we need are in place.
  2. Pouring Concrete - We pour concrete to come up with a concrete slab foundation. During the process, we make sure we leave no room for error.
  3. Curing of Concrete - It takes seven to 28 days for a foundation to fully cure. It's best to wait to ensure it's strong enough and ready.
  4. Basement Waterproofing - We do apply masonry waterproofing on interior basement walls. This helps prevent the growth of mold.
  5. Quality Assessment - We make sure there are no foundation cracks or any damage caused during construction. Ensuring the foundation is ready and strong enough is a priority.

Foundation Inspection and Maintenance

To ensure that your foundation remains intact and sufficiently supports the structure of your home we strongly advise professional inspections. Apart from professional inspections however you as the homeowner should be aware of how to inspect the foundation to pick up any foundation issues before further damage being caused. To begin your inspection walk the exterior perimeter of your home. Keep your eye out for areas that may bulge lean. Look for any potential water damage and soil that may have shifted as a result of this. Cracks that are found in the foundation of your home should be repaired before major structural damage occurs.

Foundation Repair

There are lots of foundation repair companies out there. In fact, the foundation repair industry is growing over the years. Concrete repair has become very in-demand. It's not surprising though with the rising number of structures built in the South Bend, IN area.

When it comes to foundation repair, you need foundation repair contractors that have the skills and experience to do the job. Our foundation repair services are one of the best in town. We provide custom solutions to every foundation problem there is.

Foundation Repair Methods

Not all foundation issues are the same. That is why we have varying repair processes depending on factors like climate, soil type, and foundation build. We also have a method for unique foundation issues at hand. Currently, our company provides the following foundation repair methods:

  • Foundation Wall Repair
  • Grouting
  • Mudjacking
  • Shimming Using Existing Piers
  • Shimming Using Supplemental Piers
  • Stabilizing Foundation Soil
  • Underpinning
  • Water Management

Foundation Repair Cost

Foundation repair costs vary depending on the type of issue. To give you an idea, the average foundation repair costs around $500 for minor cracks. But, the cost of foundation repairs could go as high as $10,000 or more. Rest assured, though, that our company provides the most competitive price in South Bend, IN. Call us today for a free cost estimate.

Crawl Space Repair

Apart from foundation, we also do crawl space repair. Crawl space supports the above structure and the foundation. It's ventilation that allows air to circulate below a building structure. In our case, a crawl space goes hand in hand with foundation.

Why Choose South Bend Concrete Contractors Co

There is huge competition among foundation companies in the area. But what keeps us on top are these reasons:

Licensed Foundation Contractor

We are licensed to operate in the South Bend, IN area. We install foundations that last for years. We also do repair and maintenance services. With a license, you can be confident we do not do sub-standard work.

Industry-Standard Concrete Foundation

With many years of experience and a team of highly trained and passionate concrete experts, we can guarantee top-quality work for affordable pricing. With the state of the art equipment, our team will guide you every step of the way and provide support and advice for all of your concrete needs.

Professional Foundation Contractors

Our team consists of highly professional foundation experts. We have the skill, knowledge, and years of experience to deliver foundations that can stand the test of time.

Wide Range of Professional Services

We do only install foundations, we also do repairs and provide inspection and maintenance services. Whatever your needs are, rest assured you can rely on us.

Dedication To Customer Satisfaction

We work hard to provide superior customer service. Having happy and satisfied customers is the ultimate goal. We are proud to say that since we started in the business to this day, we continue to deliver superior quality results. With that, we are able to continually achieve our goal.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today for a superior quality concrete foundation service. We provide free consultations and cost estimates. Our customer service team is available during business hours to take your call. You may also get in touch via the form on the Contact Us page.

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